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Queue Edge on Community and HSE

Contract HSE Plan

HSE plans for each contract are identified as those associated with human activity
during execution of work. For each contract an operational hazard plan is drawn up and potential hazards identified.

Emergency Response

The emergency response procedures are as follows:

Queue Edge Internal Communication

For good communication, regular contract meetings shall take place to discuss issues relating to:

Working with Local Communities

Queue Edge’s policy is to maintain good relations with the Local/Host communities with whom we come into contact during the course of our business. This includes observing the protocols and customs of the local communities, paying homage to community leaders and elders and engaging local labour as required. Queue Edge ensures that any labour employed does not compromise quality and HSE standards. Depending on merits, Queue Edge also undertakes community assistance projects to show its goodwill to host communities.

Use of Local Labour

Queue Edge’s policy is to utilize local manpower whenever possible in its area of operations. These help us in stimulating the local economy and creating harmonious relationships for mutual benefits.

For short-term project work, causal labour is hired from the local community(ies) usually for semi or unskilled work. This is achieved by meeting with the community leaders and negotiating job specifications, positions and services required before mobilization takes place. Queue Edge’s objective is to fill legitimate positions and not to create jobs solely for the purpose of bringing locals onto the payroll. Queue Edge employs dedicated community liaison personnel.

For long term contracts, Queue Edge’s policy is to recruit permanent staff from local communities and train them through Queue Edge’s staff development program using thorough selection process involving interviews and tests to achieve this end.

In many cases Queue Edge utilizes local labour via local subcontractors. This is achieved by employing indigenous subcontractors registered with Queue Edge’s client companies. Such subcontractors include for example transport and security companies as well as specialist civil contractors.